Endo FAQ

Endo doesn’t see my iOS device.

This are two possibilities here:

#1 - Check that the Mac with Endo and the iOS App with EndoClient are the same wireless network.

#2 - The iOS app isn’t running or didn’t call EndoStartStop(YES).

To debug this further use a tool like mDNS Utility and look for a domain:local service named “_mynabay_endo._tcp”. If it’s there, the problem is on the Mac/Endo side otherwise check the device.

When I run my application I’m getting a “dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/EndoClient.framework/EndoClient” error.

EndoClient.framework needs to be listed in the Embedded Binaries section in your Xcode project.

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When I upload my application to iTunesConnect I’m getting an “Unsupported Architectures” error.

The universal EndoClient.framework contains code for both arm and x86. Apple will not accept applications with x86 code in them. It must be striped. We provide a script within the framework named EndoStripForAppStore.sh

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In your projects Build Phases section, add a run script phase the executes that EndoStropForAppStore.sh script.

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My application is crashing down inside Endo.

If you see a stack similar to this it’s likely caused by a bad format string. Unfortunately, the complier doesn’t check the format string for Endo calls. The function below generated the crash. The format string specifies the %@ but the parameter is a BOOL. Check your format strings.

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